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Our 1-on-1 mentorship calls simplify financial markets, crypto, digital assets, market cycles, gold, silver and investing. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge necessary to gain that competitive advantage to position yourself for financial success in this wealth transfer.

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If you're skeptical about crypto, we get it! But when you invest in crypto you're essentially acquiring a piece of the network, known as the protocol. You're not just a crypto investor, you're a stakeholder in the technology building tomorrow's financial infrastructure.

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Our job is to provide, insight and knowledge to help you capitalize on the opportunities and protect your money like the 1% of investors.


Our calls offer unique and invaluable insights into financial markets and market cycles making the difference between success and potential loss.

Education & Awareness


A solid grasp of financial markets, instruments, and economic indicators is crucial. This includes understanding various asset classes, investment strategies, risk management, and market analysis. Ongoing learning and staying updated on market trends, economic shifts, and financial news are essential for making informed decisions with lasting impact.

Discipline & Conviction


Thriving investors and traders showcase unwavering discipline in sticking to their strategies and plans. This entails setting explicit goals, determining risk tolerance, and establishing investment timelines. Crucially, maintaining emotional control is imperative, given the inevitable market fluctuations and unexpected events that can induce stress.

Calculated Execution

Risk Management

Effective risk management lies at the heart of financial success. This involves diversifying investments, knowing your limits and comprehending the potential downsides of each trade. Calculated risk-taking, weighing potential losses against gains, safeguards capital and prevents minor setbacks from turning into major financial losses.

Blockchain Technology

Crypto & Digital Assets

Investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets demands a strategic edge. Recognizing valuable opportunities amidst market noise and understanding cycles are paramount for early success, akin to investing in Google and Amazon in their infancy. Position yourself wisely now to capitalize on the immense potential before mainstream adoption. We break it down in a simplified fashion.

Precious Metals

Gold & Silver

In an increasingly uncertain global economy where fiat currencies face devaluation, safeguarding your wealth is paramount. Gold and silver, historically recognized as stores of value, offer a hedge against economic instability and eroding buying power. By owning these precious metals, investors can protect their assets from the impacts of currency depreciation and preserve their financial well-being.

Versan Aljarrah

A citizen from Saudi Arabia and the vibrant landscapes of Dubai, UAE, to the energy corridors of Houston, Texas.An accomplished business owner, with a background in engineering, where he's honed his skills seamlessly blending analytical thinking with his ventures, resulting in a potent formula for knowledge and success.His narrative extends far beyond traditional business. Versan is an advocate for wealth preservation through precious metals and champions the value of these assets in a perpetually shifting financial terrain. His passion propels his research, revealing concealed patterns and insights that illuminate the intricacies of global economies.As an investor, researcher and educator, he embraces his role as a knowledge disseminator. Founder of the Black Swan Capitalist, he's established a platform dedicated to a community of empowered researchers and independent thinkers engaged in detailed research and data analysis to help navigate the currents of the financial shift and wealth transfer ahead.

Vandell Aljarrah

Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Vandell has led a varied life, having resided in Dubai, U.A.E., and Saudi Arabia, as well as various locations across the USA. Currently making his home in Dallas, Vandell began his professional journey in finance, as a banker at both the International Bank of Commerce and Bank of America. Later, he transitioned to the role of executive assistant to the CEO and CFO of Energy Vest Inc. and Energy Renewables Inc. In these capacities, he closely worked with high-profile individuals, affording him distinctive insights into the inner workings and governance of the global economy and monetary system.In 2018, Vandell embraced entrepreneurship and digital assets, leveraging his decade-long investment experience. A critical thinker who relies on statistical probability for decisions, he defies mainstream views in finance. Beyond finance, Vandell is an educator, precious metals advocate, and innovative business owner. Collaborating with his brother on the Black Swan Capitalist YouTube channel, they demystify cryptocurrencies and financial markets, teaching people how the world really works.Vandell's journey transcends borders and norms, leaving an indelible mark on business, finance, and education.

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We are brothers with a shared interest in uncovering the truth and educating people in financial literacy, financial markets, crypto markets, business, investing and precious metals. We've turned data and extensive research into an educational platform. We enjoy our privacy despite the social media coverage we receive. Born of Arab heritage from our father and Western roots from our mother, we blend cultures of both worlds and have a simple passion for helping others